Are You Being Served? What To Expect From Your Real Estate Agent

After graduating from college, I worked for a time at the bookseller formerly known as Borders.  My duties were varied: some work at the register, a good amount of time actually putting the books on the shelves, reveling in the OCD-friendly method the company used for the presentation of the volumes on the shelves – all the spines lined up evenly along the front of the shelf.  Ahh…heaven.

Of course, the biggest part was helping people find those very volumes that they came in search of, whether they be in person or on the phone.  I take a big Customer Service cue in my real estate business from my time working there.

You see, Borders had a policy that you helped the person in front of you.  If you are engaged with someone in the store, they had your undivided attention.  Phone ringing?  Someone else will pick it up.  On the phone with a customer and someone approaches you?  Kindly ask them to wait.  The person in front of you always deserved your undivided attention.

I still work that way to this day.  Each and every one of my clients is special to me, and I cherish each and every one’s journey whether buying or selling their home.  To that end, no one client deserves to have my attention split by someone “more important.”  That person does not exist.  The worst message I could send to the client I am present with is that they are not important enough to warrant my full and undivided attention.

The other thing I promise to my clients is: I WILL get back to you as soon as I can.  I say it on my outgoing voice mail message and I mean it.  Once I am free, you will hear back from me.

I know that in this hyper-connected age we are living in, everyone needs instant gratification.  For potential buyers and sellers, that tends to mean that if they don’t get a hold of the first person they call or e-mail, then they’re on to the next agent.  Now, if I am not engaged with a client when my phone rings or my e-mail dings, you had better believe that I am answering that call or online contact immediately.  If I don’t, it just means that I am out there practicing my craft and becoming a better agent to serve your needs.  After all, you want the person representing you and your interests in such a large investment to be supremely knowledgeable and experienced and constantly engaged in their business, right?


About Joshua Stein

They say that owning your own home is a major part of living "The American Dream." I'm proud to be an active part in making that dream a realty for the good people of the Delaware Valley as a Realtor® with Coldwell Banker Preferred's Conshohocken office. I am actively involved with the Brotherhood of Congregation Beth Or as well as a proud parent in the Greene Street Friends School community. I also served as Den Leader for my son's cub scout pack as well as a member of the Cub Pack 173 Committee in Flourtown, and now with Boy Scout Troop 665. Professionally, I also hold membership in the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and National Association of Realtors®. Whether you or someone you know and love are buying or selling your home, I look forward to servicing all of your real estate needs on the Main Line and beyond.

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